Subway Hard Surface Modeling Environment Art Vehicle Concept Art


This is a personal project I'm working on for fun. Scroll throught he gallery to see a few images from different angles. I was inspired to create a 3d model of this vehicle when I came across a really cool concept art image of this future "jeep" vehicle by Sergey Kondratovich. He has some other great concepts I may also decide to model for fun later on.
This model is still very much "in progress" but I thought I'd throw a few WIPs up to see. Currently I'm working on the high poly version, adding all the small details, suspension/mechanical aspects and such. Next I'll focus on the back of the jeep. Since the only concept image I had was from a 3 quarter perspective shot, it has been a fun challenge to interpret the shape and fill in the gaps that aren't shown in the original drawing. My goal is to complete the high poly version, then create a low-poly "game ready" version of the model with textures and materials.