This gallery includes shots from a "Bank Office" scene I was responsible for on the Criminal game project. Scroll through to see additional images. When I was given this level by designers, it was nothing but a big open box, with a few other grey boxes for cover in the middle. I was asked to keep the main flow of the walkway around the center blocks they provided, and then was set free to develop the space into an interesting gameplay environment on the context of a bank office. I started by gathering reference images of various office furniture and interior styles for this type of space. Next, I created a rough paint over of the scene to illustrate my ideas and intentions for the level. The Art Director accepted my proposal and I jumped into production. I created models, textures, and materials for the furniture and props, walls, floors, ceilings, and lit the scene. My goal was to take a boring "office" atmosphere and create a modern, and visually interesting-yet realistic space to play in. The original ceiling was very low and it felt claustrophobic, so that was the first thing I had to replace. I hollowed out and raised a middle section of the ceiling and added an inverted arch with recessed lighting which really opened the space up. I was featured as "Artist of the month" by the art director for my efforts in transforming this space into a "beautiful set".