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This gallery shows a "Snow Treatment" of a scene from the Criminal game project. I was tasked with prototyping a change in the environment to a semi snow covered slushy mess. One of the tricks I used, is I developed a dynamic material that would apply snow drifts to the top of any mesh that had the snow variation applied. The shader offered a customizable angle to determine which polygons were facing up (or near up), and apply the snow to those faces. So if I applied this shader to a mailbox, the snow would be on top. If I then rotated that mailbox 45 degrees for example, the snow would apply to the surfaces that are now facing up and not apply to the other faces. There was also a control for falloff of the snow, so it could make a hard line, or more gradual change from snow to no-snow. This allowed our objects to be used, rotated, tilted, and reused however we wanted- and the snow would always be on top. It's a great way to make one object look like several different variations without the added performance cost. I later used this same trick to create a transition from river water to white water rapids in another Midway game. /p>