This project was the last game I worked on before Midway shut down for good. The code name for this project was "Paladin" and it was a 3rd person action/adventure game set in a medieval world.
As a Sub-Lead Environment Artist on this project, my responsibilities included:

  • Developed workflow techniques and guidelines for environment art creation
  • Set up scripted process for gathering performance metrics throughout game levels
  • Optimized game art for performance
  • Environmental art creation (3d models, texturing, material creation)
  • Artistic Level Design
  • Created advanced materials and fx
  • Character and environment lighting
  • Scripting in game events in kismet (UE3)
  • Prototyped environment asset creation
  • Defined quality bar with prototyped game levels
  • Animated special events in editor
  • Worked with designers in game level function and game play
  • MENU